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Federal Champion Rimfire
$2.99 - $22.99
Federal Champion rimfire ammunition provides accurate, affordable performance for target shooting.
Federal Game-Shok Rimfire
$3.89 - $14.99
This quality line of 22 Long Rifle and Win Mag offerings provides a nice smattering of standard bullet offerings. You can expect quality performance from the copper plated solids and hollow-points. And you'll even find a number 12 lead shot offering in 22 Long Rifle and a Jacketed Hollow Point 22 Win Mag. Game-Shok is the perfect small game hunting.
Winchester Super-X Rimfire
$3.89 - $34.00
Winchester Super-X Rimfire cartridges are the most technologically advanced ammunition. By combining advanced development techniques and innovative production processes, they have elevated ammunition performance to its highest level.
CCI Quiet-22
$4.49 - $42.90
75% Less perceived noise than standard .22 LR. No hearing protection needed. Standard .22 LR Case. Small Game. Offered in either a lead round nose or a segmented HP bullet that breaks into three pieces on impact. 50 rounds per box.
CCI Standard Velocity 22 LR
$4.99 - $9.09
Standard Velocity 22LR round at 1070 feet per second. Features a lead round nose bullet. Packaged in 50 or 100 rounds.
Remington Slugger High Velocity Rifled Slug
$4.99 - $7.39
Remington high-velocity Foster-style lead slug. This higher velocity slug exits the barrel at 1800 fps, 13% faster than standard 1 oz. slugs. The 7/8 oz. Slugger High Velocity delivers 200 ft-lbs more energy at 50 yards with flatter trajectory on deer than standard 1 oz. slugs. Produced in most popular slug loadings 2 3/4" and 3" 12-gauge and 2 3/4" 20-gauge with a 1/2 oz. lead slug. Designed for the avid deer hunter using smooth bore guns. 5 rounds per box.
Federal Power-Shok Rifled Slugs
$5.09 - $12.49
This line offers you a full complement of rifled slugs for just about every shotgun gauge. Remember, "rifled" slug means the slug is rifled, not your barrel. 5 rounds per box.
Remington Slugger Rifled Slug
$5.09 - $7.39
Always in the forefront of deer slug technology, we redesigned our 12-gauge Slugger Rifled Slug for a 25% improvement in accuracy. Also, at 1760 fps muzzle velocity, our 3" 12-ga. Magnum slugs shoot 25% flatter than regular 12-ga. slugs. Packed in convenient, easy-carrying 5-round boxes.
Winchester Super-X Buckshot
$5.15 - $16.49
Super-X ammunition - made with the same skill, care and quality as when first introduced in 1922. Today Super-X is made using precise manufacturing processes and the highest quality components to provide consistent, dependable performance that generations of shooters continue to rely upon. Specifically designed to deliver maximum accuracy and deposit tremendous energy upon impact. Excellent performance and moderate recoil in rifled barrel or choke tube shotguns. For superior Buckshot performance, you can't beat the stopping power of Winchester Super-X Buckshot loads.
Federal Premium Vital-Shok TruBall Rifled Slug
$5.19 - $5.89
TruBall® uses simple plastic ball between the wad and slug to increase smooth bore accuracy. Copper-plated deep penetrator slugs made from harder lead. More defined shoulder helps slug get 18-20" of penetration. Larger hollow point. The TruBall® rifled slug system locks its components together, centering the slug as it passes through the barrel. The result is groups as small as 1.4 inches at 50 yardsthe most consistent smoothbore performance possible. 5 rounds per box.
Winchester Super-X Rifled Slugs
$5.39 - $20.99
The Super-X is made using precise manufacturing processes and the highest quality components to provide consistent, dependable performance that generations of shooters continue to rely upon. For superior slug performance, you can't beat the stopping power of Winchester SUper-X Slugs. Designed to shoot better in smooth bore shotguns. Hollow point delivers maximum accuracy.
Remington Express Buckshot
$5.65 - $99.99
Loaded with the Power-Piston one-piece wad for consistent patterns. Polymer buffering helps maintain pellet roundness for tight pattern. Great load for Hunting, Home Defense or Tactical Shooting. 5 rounds per box.
No Image
$5.69 - $7.09
Remington Ultimate Defense Buckshot ammunition is made specifically for home defense to deliver dense devastating patterns at shorter ranges. They are loaded with either the standard 9 pellets or 8 pellets for a reduced more manageable recoil. These rounds are engineered for short range, tight, effective patterns in smooth bore defensive shotguns. When the stakes are high and you need one-shot-confidence, Remington's Ultimate Defense Buckshot ammunition is the clear choice. 5 rounds per box in 12 & 20 gauge and 15 rounds per box in 410 Bore.
No Image
BRENNEKE has created the perfect combination among classic shotgun slug and sabot technology. The sub-calibre TOPAS has a cup, is barrelfriendly, quick and priced especially attractively. 5 rounds per box.
Federal Power-Shok Buckshot
$5.99 - $8.39
Whether used for hunting hogs, deer or predators, or for defending one's home, Federal Power-Shok Buckshot loads offer the patterns and terminal performance shooters need. The Triple Plus wad system provides better shot alignment and granulated plastic buffer keeps pellets uniform in shape for tight patterns. 5 rounds per box.
Remington Express Managed Recoil Buckshot
One of the great values in shotgun deer loads with less felt recoil than full velocity loads. 5 rounds per box.
Remington Golden Bullet Rimfire
$5.99 - $84.00
The Golden Bullet is engineered for easy cycling and solid performance. It's been recently improved for even more high-velocity .22-caliber excitement and it's also a great value. Look for it in 50-round boxes, 525-round bricks and economical 1,400-round buckets.
No Image
The Deer Season Rifled Slug is a 12-gauge slug that is created for those slug gun hunters who shoot through smooth-bore barrels and features a 1?-ounce slug combined with a unique stabilizing wad that inserts through the slug to form a dome-shaped tip. The slug and wad travel as one downrange providing better accuracy than traditional rifled foster slugs. Upon impact, the slug and wad separate, depositing all of the slug's energy into the vitals of the deer for maximum terminal performance.
Brenneke K.O. Slugs
The you the safety of a quick and clean kill, even better as it is one of the least expensive slugs on the market. It offers 58% more frontal area than standard .50cal slugs, resulting in massive energy transfer. Deep penetration, expansion up to .9. 5 rounds per box.
Federal Top Gun Target
$6.49 - $72.90
Even the most challenging targets are no match for consistent, hard-hitting Federal Top Gun. The loads' high-quality lead shot produce even patterns that crush clays. 25 rounds per box.
Remington Premier Magnum Copper Plated Turkey Load
$6.69 - $155.80
Remington Premier® Magnum Turkey Loads provide that extra edge to reach out with penetrating power and dense, concentrated patterns. Its magnum-grade, Copper-Lokt® shot is protected by our Power Piston® wad and cushioned with special polymer buffering. Available with some of the heaviest payloads of 4s, 5s, and 6s on the market.
Remington Express Magnum Buckshot
$6.79 - $12.99
One of the great values in shotgun deer loads. A combinationof heavy cushioning behind the shot column and a granulated polymer buffering helps maintain pellet roundness for tight,even patterns. 5 rounds per box.
Estate Super Sport Competition Target Loads
$6.89 - $104.90
Trust Super Sport Competition Target Loads to become your first choice for competitive target shooting. Features tight patterns for high accuracy at long range and extra-hard ammo is ideal for breaking targets.
CCI Stinger
The fastest 22 LR with varmint class accuracy. 1640 feet per second with a 32 grain hollow point bullet with tear drop cavity for complete disruption. 50 rounds per box.
No Image
Top quality components and stringent manufacturing processes ensure tight patterns and consistent performance. Nickel plated heads provide smooth and reliable ejection. Custom blended powders turn clean and minimize felt recoil while providing consistent velocity. 25 rounds per box.
CCI Velocitor
Velocitor features: a special HP cavity design derived from the Speer Gold Dot technology that retains virtually 100 percent of the bullet weight. With speeds of 1435fps, the round also produces 22 percent greater energy at 100 yards than a regular high speed hollow point. 50 rounds per box.
Brenneke Tactical Home Defense Slug
The THDis the perfect cartridge for home defense, and for law enforcement professionals operating in crowded urbanenvironments. 5 rounds per box.
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