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Archery Equipment

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Wicked Ridge premium crossbow strings and cables use D-75 material for superior performance.
Wicked Ridge Rope Cocker
This ultra-durable crossbow rope-cocker features an abrasion-resistant, high-tenacity polyester cord, custom-dyed in high-visibility hunter orange. Its plastic handles and hooks are constructed from the same super-tough ST801 nylon as the ACU-52.
Wicked Ridge Soft Crossbow Case
This soft case ensures perfect protection for travel and or storage of your Wicked Ridge Crossbow. The case has sturdy side panels for added depth to accommodate mounted optics and an additional zippered storage compartment for arrows, quivers, and other accessories. The case is specifically designed for a custom fit for both Wicked Ridge Crossbow models. A removable shoulder strap is included.
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Engineered to introduce crossbow hunting to youth, women, and smallframed shooters, the Ranger X2 features an easy-to-handle 150-pound bow assembly and 4S cams. Focused on safety for the new hunter, it is equipped with a safety engineered pass-through fore-grip and glass-reinforced nylon safety wings to help keep the shooter's hands safely below the bowstring release pass. This ready-to-hunt crossbow is packaged with a cocking device, quiver, and arrows. Includes: TenPoint's 3x Multi-Line Scope mounted on a machined aluminum 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount, ACU-52 Integrated, Self-Retracting Rope-Cocking System, Wicked Ridge 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver, 3 Wicked Ridge 18-inch Ranger Carbon Arrows with 100-grain practice points.
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Powered by 4S cams, Wicked Ridge's Warrior UltraLite Crossbow Package fires bolts downrange at up to 350 fps. Ergonomic pistol grip sports a fully enclosed trigger guard for added safety, and the fully integrated pass-through foregrip with elongated safety wings keep your hands out of the bowstring's path. Open-back design reduces weight to a light 6 lbs., making the crossbow easy to handle. Plus, it allows for easy installation of an ACUdraw mechanism (sold separately). Narrow 15 axle-to-axle width allows you to effortlessly maneuver into position, even in tight quarters. Built-in Picatinny rail.
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The Wicked Ridge series of crossbows by TenPoint are high quality, fast, and super accurate crossbows designed to meet the needs of any crossbow hunter. The Invader is packed with features normally found on much more expensive crossbows and has the speed to effectively harvest any big game animal in North America. The Power Touch trigger yields a smooth 3-1/2 lb trigger pull and the Dry Fire Inhibitor virtually eliminates the possibility of dry firing your crossbow. The CNC machined riser yields superior strength to traditional molded or cast risers and Wicked Ridge's new Acura-Angle Technology promotes accurate cocking for pinpoint accuracy. Add in the new Acu-52 integrated cocking system and you have one of the easiest to use and deadliest crossbows on the market today. Included in the package with the crossbow is the ACU-52 rope cocking system, 3x Multi-Line crossbow scope, and a 6-arrow quiver, a sling, and three 20" crossbow bolts with field points.
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$1,109.99 - $1,259.99
The first Wicked Ridge flagship model, the RDX 400 features a perfectly balanced reverse-draw bow assembly and our Reaper Cam System? that together deliver consistent down-range accuracy and lighting speeds up to 400 FPS. Focused on speed-to-price ratio, the RDX 400 includes a complete package with a cocking device and Integrated String Stop System. Package includes: TenPoint's 3x Multi-Line Scope mounted on a machined aluminum 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount, ACUdraw or Rope-Sled, Wicked Ridge 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver, , Integrated String Stop System (pre-installed).
Victory Vforce Arrows
Victory's hottest hunting arrow just got hotter. This standard hunting diameter shaft integrated with the tightest tolerances in the industry makes one deadly combination for Broadhead accuracy. The VForce comes with Bohning blazer nocks and inserts. Glue in target points and pin bushing are sold separately. Made with the highest quality carbon composite fibers available. Std VForce Arrows are sorted to +/- 0.5 of grain weight per dozen on all 300, 350 and 400 sizes, +/- 3 grains weight tolerance on 500 's and 600's per dozen.
Truglo Centra Peep
$7.19 - $7.79
Here's a unique way to align your peep--center to center. Increase your accuracy by lining up your peep sight with the curve of you pin guard--you'll see the difference. Rubber tubing automatically positions peep. 1/8" dia. aperture.
Truglo Arrow Puller
Easyon arrow opening. Contoured design for better grip. Bell housing increases pulling force. Solid rubber puller construction. Quick release hanger clip included. Reinforced hinge for long life. Simple onehand operation. Made for all arrow types.
Truglo Titanium-X Broadheads
$16.49 - $43.99
TitaniumX broahdeads deliver the ulitmate performance for devastingly quick kills -- each and every time. All blades expand in different directions, creating deadly wound channels. Torque-balancing blades slide around bone for deeper penetration, delivering more damage and massive blood trails for maximum lethality and easier tracking. Grade 5 CNC-Machined one-piece titanium ferrule. Tough .031" Stainless Steel Blades. Tru-Thru precision sharpened blades for quick pass-throughs. Tru-Cut one-piece titanium tip slices hid and flesh immediately upon impact. 100 grains for optimum flight. 2 3/16" Cutting Diameters. 7/8" flight diameters. Flies Like Field Point. Spin tested and sharpness tested for ultimate performance.
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The TRUGLO Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrow is made with a premium fiberglass high-visibility florescent colored shaft and features TRUGLO's Carpedo Point. The premium grade, hardened stainless steel tip is replaceable. The arrow includes a pre-installed nock, slide and slide stop.
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Anglers, use the Truglo Spring-Fisher Bowfishing Point to secure your next catch. It's designed with a spring-locking barb that'll keep the fish secure or release it quickly without having to unscrew the tip. The tip is made from hardened stainless steel with 5 sides. Weighs 320 grains.
Truglo Glo-Brite Peep
In low-light conditions, nothing works better than TRUGLO's Glo-Brite Peep. An adjustable green insert allows for three separate settings to compensate for many different shooting conditions. Rubber tubing automatically positions peep.
Truglo Tru-Lite Xtreme
Adjustable rheostat allows for infinite brightness settings. Violet LED. Replaceable batteries. Fits 3/8"-32, 3/8"-36 and 7/16"-20. Fits sights by Cobra?, Copper John?, PSE?, Trophy Ridge?, TRUGLO and others.
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Full containment style arrow rest. Brushes allow for your arrow to slide through without sacrificing accuracy. Dual-coil launcher is adjustable and replaceable. Universal design for right and left hand shooters.
Truglo Arrow Rest BF Spring
Fast and easy arrow loading. Replaceable waterproof brushes. Ultra-lightweight and compact design. Full windage / elevation adjustment. For left and right-handed bows.
Truglo Tuff Loc Quiver
Lightweight / compact construction. Quick-release Cam-lock mounting system. Thumb-tab style gripper design allows quick and quiet arrow removal. Contrasting color rubber hood liner reduces noise and won't dull broadheads. Fits both left and right-handed bows. Weighs approximately 6.6 oz. Patent pending.
Truglo Speed-Shot Bowfishing Arrow
The TRUGLO Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrow is made with a premium fiberglass high-visibility florescent colored shaft. The 250 grain point with pivoting barb allows for quick fish removal and improved penetration. The ultra sharp, 5-sided hardened stainless steel tip is replaceable. The arrow includes a pre-installed ultra slim nock, slide, and slide stop.
Truglo Storm Sight
Durable, bright fiber-wrapped pins. Enlarged circular field of view. Adjustable for left and right-handed shooters 1053-0459: Includes Removable rheostat light. High-intensity violet LED light with adjustable rheostat illuminates pins. Black. 3 (3x.029 dia.)
Truglo Xbow Shooting Rest
An unsupported shot with a crossbow is often uncomfortable, inaccurate, or even dangerous. HIPoSHOT Crossbow Shooting rest provides a stable platform that easily goes with you on any hunt. By bracing against your hip or the ground, you can take advantage of a stable 3-point support that works while sitting, standing or kneeling. Compact and lightweight, HIPoSHOT is a trusted hunting companion for any crossbow shooter.
Truglo Carbon XS XT 5 Light
$54.99 - $69.99
The Carbon XS Xtreme is a carbon composite archery sight for any aspiring bow hunter. It features many shooter-suggested features, including a longer mounting bracket, extended wind age and elevation adjustments, larger aperture and PRO-BRITE Pin Technology for even brighter pins. The Carbon XS Xtreme is also adjustable for left or right handed users and provides a glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring that is aligned with the outer aperture ring for improved peep alignment.
Truglo Loc-Down Quiver
Vibration free. TRU-TOUCH? soft feel technical coating. Secure double gripper design. Fits both carbon and aluminum arrows. Fits both mechanical and fixed broadheads. TWIST * LOCK mounting bracket-quick/easy, on hand removal (patent pending). Mounting bracket is adjustable up /down to better fit all bows. rubber hood insert reduces noise and won't dull broadheads. Fits both left and right handed bows. Holds up to 4 arrows.
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Lightweight CarbonComposite And Aluminum Construction. Hybrid Construction Transfers Less Vibration. Rumblebuster? Isolated Dampening Disc Absorbs Any Remaining Noise And Vibration. 7.5 In. Long To Provide Maximum Stabilization And Still Fits In Most Bow Cases. 6 Oz. Total Weight With A Forward Center Of Gravity. Adjustable Indexing For Balance And Alignment. Engineered For Performance Bows. TruTouch? SoftFeel Technical Coating.
Truglo Carbon XS? Sight
Ultra lightweight carbon composite construction. Weighs less than 3.5 ounces. TRU*TOUCH soft-feel technical coating. Micro push button light. TRU*FLO? fiber design. Extra, extra long fully protected fibers. Large circular field of view. Aperture has 1.8' inner diameter. Level with two vertical bars. Reversible bracket for greater vertical adjustability. Glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring. Adjustable for left and right handed shooters.
Truglo Carbon Hybrid?
$84.99 - $114.99
The first and only archery sight constructed with the optimum combination of carbon composites and aluminum, providing an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and unparalleled durability. Combined with TRUGLO's TRU*TOUCH? coating, the CARBON HYBRID? is the new standard for ultra lightweight, multi-pin archery sights. Lightweight carbon composite and aluminum construction. Hybrid construction transfers less vibration. Unique metal pin design for increased durability and brightness. Extra-long fibers for maximum brightness. Extra-long bracket increases sight radius. Reversible bracket for increased vertical adjustment range. For both right and left handed shooters .TG7515B, TG7515J and TG7515L - Micro-adjustable. TG7415B - Standard adjustment. Patent pending.
Truglo Down-Draft Drop Away Rest
High-performance drop-away design. Quick and easy installation - no bow press required. Sealed bushings increase downward speed at launch. No unwanted bounce-back when firing. Technical rubber dampeners silence arrow loading. Attaches to downward-moving buss cable. For left and right-handed bows. Patent pending.
Truglo Detonator Release
Quiet, fast and accurate. Streamlined open-hook single-jaw design for fast and easy loading - perfect for string loops. Hook opens away from shooter for more comfort. Ultra-smooth, micro-adjustable trigger pull with a crisp feel. Precision stainless steel wear-free jaws. Stainless steel firing mechanism for increased durability and repeatability. Forward trigger position enables faster arrow speeds. Ergonomic hand and finger position. 360-degree rotating head eliminates string torque. Premium release strap for long-lasting comfort.
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