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Feathers & Vanes

NEW ARCHERY PRODUCTS Crossbow Quikfletch Vane System
Designed specifically for today's fastest crossbows, making it fasstera nd easier than ever to replace damaged vanes on crossbow bolts. With a shorter profile 3" vane, the corssbow QuikFletch rides freel within the rail groove, providing a clean release that offers true downrange flight and accuracy with crossbows.
NEW ARCHERY PRODUCTS Quickfletch Blazer Vanes
If you can boil water, you can professionally crest and fletch an arrow in less than 10 seconds. QuikFletch is the easiest way to fletch your arrows either in the field or at home and they are guaranteed not to slip!!!
QuikFletch QuikSpin ST features NAP's patented kicker and micro-grooved combination on the 2" vanes. This spins arrows up to 300% faster than conventional vanes. Result - increased accuracy, tighter groups and extended effective kill range. Award winning performance for hunting, 3D, or competition shooting.
NEW ARCHERY PRODUCTS Quickfletch Twister Vanes
QuikFletch is the easiest way to fletch your arrows either in the field or at home and they are guaranteed not to slip. They shrink to fit any size carbon or aluminum arrow shaft and are available in popular color combinations of Flo Yellow, Flo Green, Flo Orange and White.
Optimizing spin and maximizing accuracy, QuikSpin tightens groups like you never thought possible. QuikSpin rotates arrows up to 300% faster than conventional vanes. Made from durable, toughened plastic that sticks in seconds, QuikSpin is innovatively designed to avoid rest interference for trouble-free and incredibly accurate shooting in any conditions.
With a one-piece molded design, and offset vanes for enhanced arrow flight control-the SpeedFletch vane system gives you a fast, reliable and durable option to fletch your arrows. There's no need for a jig-and no need to spend a bunch of time fletching your arrows. SpeedFletch takes the hassle out of the process-simply slide the SpeedFletch cartridge/tube onto your arrow shaft add a few drops of Super Glue at each end of the tube let it dry-and you're done!
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NAP is home to some of the most accurate vanes ever created for modern bows. Starting with NAP's patented Quikspin technology, the Hellfire 3D Pro vanes stabilize arrows immediately to produce extremely stable and accurate shots. Both the Hellfire 3D Pro as well as the tried-and-true QuikSpin vane are perfect for any 3D or target competition.
Bohning Heat Vane
Low profile hunting vane that is great for any broadhead and 3D archery. Lightweight vane made of stiffer material. 2.5 in length, 0.41" in height. 6 grains in weight. 36 vanes per pack.
Bohning Killer Vanes
The perfect combination of flexibility and firmness. Maximum accuracy, maximum durability..minimum noise. No cleaning, No fuss just the best arrow "wings" you can get. The base of every vane is chemically treated to promote excellent adhesion. Rock solid durability.
Bohning Arrowraps
2 sizes - Aluminum and Carbon to minimize overlap. Allows you to fletch with any fletching adhesive. Each package contains 12 "ArroWraps". Made from 7 year, outdoor-durable 2 mil cast vinyl. Aluminum ArroWraps weigh 10 grains and Carbon ArroWraps weigh 8 grains.
Bohning Blazer® Vanes
Bohning Blazer Vanes are the perfect choice for any hunting arrow. They are the original 2" vane, only now with a bold new look. These universal vanes perform flawlessly for broadhead arrows and even crossbows. They are available in a wide variety of colors. Blazer Vanes measure 1.987" in length and stand 0.568", and add only 6 grains in weight.
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