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Black Powder Guns & Accessories

CVA Patch Puller & Bullet Puller
$2.39 - $4.69
The brass patch puller, with stainless steel tines, easily retrieves cleaning patches which are lost in the bore. The bullet puller quickly removes bullets or ball stuck in the bore. Both fit all standard CVA ramrods. For .50 caliber and larger.
Outers Blackpowder Brushes & Mops
Black powder wool mops are thickly tufted and tightly bunched. Our cleaning brush has fine, tightly-wound bristles of phosphor bronze that remove stubborn deposits without marring the bore. Black powder patches are made of soft, highly absorbent Canton flannel for extra cleaning action.
CVA Blackpowder Cleaning Jags
This solid brass cleaning jag has a 10-32 thread size.
CVA Blackpowder Cleaning Brushes
$2.95 - $3.19
Sturdy bronze bore cleaning brush. 10-32 thread.
CVA Bore Swabs
Cotton with sturdy frame. The 10-32 threads fit all CVA ramrods.
CVA Nylon Cleaning Brush
The perfect follow-up brush to wire brushes. Removes the smaller fouling particles.
Traditions Ball / Bullet Puller
Solid brass collar centers stud in barrel and will adjust to alter depth you need to go into ball or patch. 10/32 thread.
Thompson Center Brass Bore Brushes
For scrubbing out lead deposits in the bore of your muzzleloader. The brush can also be used as a cleaning jag when a patch is placed over its tip end. Now sized to fit ramrods having a thread size of 10X32.
Thompson Center Cotton Bore Swabs
The cotton swab is used for oiling the bore and removing fouling that was loosened by the bore brush. Many shooters prefer to have several - one to saturate with blackpowder bore solvent, one to dry the bore after scrubbing and one saturated with a rust preventative (like Natural Lube 1000+ Bore Butter?) to lube bore before putting the gun away.
Thompson Center Jag Loading Tip
A knurled brass loading tip for the Shock Wave Sabot with the inner dimensions contoured to fit the spire point of the Shock Wave bullet, preventing the possible deformity of the tip during loading. Fits 10/32 thread ramrod.
CVA Cleaning Brush
Double-ended parts.
CVA In-Line Breech Brush Set
Designed to loosen powder fouling that accumulates after shooting. Large brush cleans breech area while small brush cleans breech plugs.
CVA Powder Funnel Tops
Replaces the screw cap on a one pound can of Pyrodex® to make filling flasks or powder measures easier. Positive lock snap on closure eliminates spillage. Pour spout allows the shooter to top off the flask without overfilling.
CVA Shooting Patches
Tight woven and resistant to burning. Brings out the most in accuracy, .015 thickness.
Thompson Center Cleaning Jags
Solid brass cleaning jags.
Traditions Composite Powder Measure
The economical and reliable way to accurately measure powder charges. Clear tubular measure with graduated markings precisely indicates exact powder amount. 10-120 grains.
CVA Field Model Bullet Starter
A short ramrod. The sturdy synthetic ball lets you press the patched round ball or conical ball into the muzzle for easier starting. For use with .32 - .58 caliber muzzleloaders.
CVA Musket Mag Speed Loader
For Pyrodex Pellets.
CVA Palm Saver
Select hardwood. Fits over ramrods to ease the pressure on the shooter's hand.
CVA Speed Loader For Pyrodex®
Allows shooter to pre-load magnum loads for quick reloading in the field. Capable of holding three 50 grain Pyrodex? Pellets plus a saboted bullet, but will also work with lighter pellet loads or even loose powder.
CVA Capper/Extractor Tool
Allows for easy for capping & removal of Shot shell primers.
CVA Trophy Bullet Starter?
Fashioned of a non-glare, quiet, non-abrasive, high tech molded synthetic. It has a T-shaped, one-piece handle with a short and long bullet starter. The deep tapered recess fits over most conical bullets to eliminate deformation. Includes palm saver for ramrods and stud for lanyard attachment.
Thompson Center Brush / Swab Set
A bronze bore brush and cotton bore swab to handle your muzzleloader cleaning chores. Standard 10-32 threads.
CVA Breech Plugnipple Grease
Formulated to withstand heat created during the ignition of powder. 2 oz. tube. Prevents nipple and breech plugs from seizing up.
CCI Percussion Caps
$4.99 - $10.99
Assembled in traditional ribbed soft copper caps. Charged with a modern, non-mercuric, non-corrosive mix that will ignite hard to fire Pyrodex® and blackpowder. Foiled and lacquer sealed for moisture protection. Packed 100 caps in a tin, 10 tins to a case. Master pack 10 (tins).
Thompson Center Ball, Bullet & Wad Pullers
Threads onto a Thompson/Center ramrod and successfully removes stuck balls, bullets or shotgun wads from the bore.
Thompson Center Primer Caddy
This handy little accessory holds a reserve of 209 primers at the ready. Keeps the primers dry and clean and makes it easy to find them in a crowded pouch or pocket. Holds 9 primers and stays flexible in cold weather conditions.
CVA Rapid Loaders
Straight through tube allows for loading ball, patch and powder in one fluid motion. Includes pocket clip. 3 per card.
Traditions Cleaning Patches
White, round cotton cleaning patches packaged in convenient zip-close bag.
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