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Williamson Gomame Jig
$10.49 - $11.49
The "S" shape in the body delivers a pronounced wounded baitfi sh action. High quality foiled fi nishes add flash and attraction to the amazing action. Good for all kinds of pelagic fish: Tuna, Trevally, Sea Bass, Spanish Mackeral and Kings. Durable, Premium Foil Finish. Pre-rigged with a VMC® Perma Steel Hook.
Williamson Abyss Speed Jig
$11.99 - $24.99
This unique potbelly shaped body will get your jig down fast and enable you to fish deeper and faster. Tapered design offers less resistance on the retrieve. Special Super Fluoro Lumo paint on the belly and gill plates triggers strikes. Lures come pre-rigged with a single VMC® Assist hook.
Williamson Vortex Speed Jig
$12.37 - $26.99 $16.49 - $26.99 Up To 54% Savings
The rotation, combined with the two-sided color pattern, creates maximum flash. Each jig is pre-rigged with a stainless steel, ball-bearing swivel and a single VMC® Assist hook
Williamson Benthos Speed Jig
$21.99 - $25.99
This diamond shape design drops vertically at high speed and gets you right on top of the fish even with a heavy drift. Then the glow in the dark painted details will get the predator's attention and trigger the strike. A series of jigs that is a pleasure to fish with. Comes pre-rigged with a single assist hook.
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