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SW Grubs,Shads & Softbaits

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Creme Shrimp

Extremely effective on a variety of saltwater game fish. The flailing legs and soft body offer an action no shrimp feeder can refuse. 1 rigged and 1 spare. [more]

GOT-CHA ® Shad Bodies
$2.95 - $84.99

Great for both fresh and saltwater. The tail design provides a swimming action that fish can't resist. Available in 3, 4, 6 and 9. The 5,10, and 15 pack tails are in a printed, reusable, zip-loc worm bag. [more]

DOA Terroreyz?
$3.22 - $5.79
$4.29 - $5.79

Its unique hidden lead head and holographic eyes shoot out reflected light to add more flash that catches more fish. The drop down tail and "V"-shaped soft plastic body creates side-to-side swimming action exactly imitating a bait fish. [more]

BayCoast Hyper Tails
$3.29 - $6.19
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

The time-tested and most popular of all striper jig trailers, Hyper Tails are designed to get attention and catch fish. Hyper Tails have a grub-like body for easy and solid rigging. Their thin tail design has a "ridge" along both sides of its lateral line to support its length, and the tail's… [more]

GOT-CHA ® 4" Twintail Grub

A freshwater favorite for double action. Excellent as a jig or trailer on other lures. Packed 10 in a printed, reusable, zip-loc worm bag. [more]

Lunker City Fin-S Fish?
$3.44 - $8.99
$4.49 - $8.99

If anything can mimic a bait fish better than the original Slug-Go?, it's got to be the Fin-S Fish?. A thinner, deeper profile with a forked tail adds more realism. [more]

Bass Assassin Curly Shad
$3.59 - $6.99

The 2" Curly Shad has the same body design as the 1.5" shad with a curl tail that makes it an ideal bait for panfish and crappie when fished on a jig. The 4" Curly Shad has the same body design as the Shad Assassin, including the unique slit in the belly, with a curl tail that acts like a rudder… [more]

DOA Softshell Crab

Walk it sideways across the bottom or swim it slowly in the current. You'll be pleased with its lifelike swimming and feeding action and you'll be in for some great fishing fun. [more]

H&H Tko Shrimp

Tie the H&H TKO Shrimp 18"-24" below a popping float rig. With rod tip up, make two or three quick jerks before allowing the shrimp to drop and stay suspended. The H&H TKO Shrimp can also be used as a surface lure, for deeper water add split shot, twitch and allow shrimp to fall with slow retrieval. [more]

GOT-CHA ® 4" Curltail Grub
$3.99 - $5.19

One of the fisherman's most popular soft plastic lures. Great for Bass, Trout, Walleye, Stripers and other gamefish. A deadly lure for saltwater trout. Packaged 20 tails in a printed reusable zip-loc worm bag. Works well with 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 ounce grub heads. [more]

H&H Cocahoe Minnow Refills

There have been over 100 million sold of this deadly soft plasticlure. The Cocahoe Minnow is a must have in fishing anywhere along the gulf coast or wherever speckle trout and redfish can be found. We make a 3", 4" and 6" minnow and have a wide variety of colors and tail combinations. This is a… [more]

Clarkspoon Halo Squid

2.5" Clarkspoon Halo Squid are hand tied with a pair of glimmer scales. The scales produce a dodging swim pattern when trolled. UV coating provides greater visibility to gamefish. [more]

DOA C.A.L. Jerk Bait
$4.29 - $6.09

Made of the highest quality material with laminated color backs and tails. (Measures 4" in length, 13 in each pack) [more]

Dockside Matrix Shad
$4.29 - $11.99

Great for catching a variety of saltwater fish, including trout and redfish, the Dockside Matrix Shad 3" Unrigged Soft Baits 8-Pack feature bright colors that attract fish and are 3" long. [more]

Z-Man ElaZtech® MinnowZ? Swimbait
$4.29 - $59.88

If ever there was a soft plastic that replicates the look, action and strike-prompting attraction of a live minnow, this 10X Tough ElaZtech bait is it. MinnowZ are table fare for the majority of fresh and salt water gamefish. From big lake bass, to back-bay flounder, to sea trout, snook and reds,… [more]

DOA Shrimp Lures
$4.39 - $8.79

D.O.A.? Shrimp always have "live shrimp" looks and swimming action. With their consistent level drop rate and downward facing vibrating legs, D.O.A.? Shrimp Lures have fooled almost every species of fish that feed on live shrimp. [more]

Fishbites Yeh Monn!®
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

There are no fish oils, tissues or extracts used in Yeh Monn!®. It's powered by the proven scent technology developed by Fishbites - the scent that melts in the water, not on your hands!® Each bag contains two 5/8" x 13" bait strips. Each bait strip cuts easily with scissors, so all you need to do… [more]

GOT-CHA ® 2" Curltail Grub
$4.39 - $5.99

The 2 curltail grub is an all around intermediate lure. Use as a jig or an attractor on spinner baits and spoons. Works great with the GOT-CHA® 1/32 oz to 1/8 oz jig heads. Packaged 50 tails in a printed reusable zip-loc worm bag. [more]

Mister Twister 4TSF20-8G Twister

Twister Tail Grub, 4", Goldfish, 20/Pack [more]

Z-Man ElaZtech® DieZel MinnowZ?

Unparalleled softness, action, and ElaZtech® durability merge to create the most bulletproof swimbait on the market. Inspired by Z-Man's renowned three-inch MinnowZ?, fresh- and saltwater anglers alike will find that the DieZel MinnowZ's hook slot and split dorsal fin provide easy weedless rigging… [more]

Savage Gear 3D PVC Crab
$4.49 - $5.59

Most crab baits on the market barely look like the crabs they are mimicking. With a 3D scanned crab available in the hottest colors inshore fishing is about to turn Savage! [more]

Sea Striker 3" Shrimp

Ready to fish, these 3 shrimp are pre-rigged with an extra sharp hook. Perfect for a variety of gamefish and a diverse range of fishing situations. The irresistible swimming action is effective in salt or fresh water. [more]

Blue Water Candy 83210 4" Swirl

4" Swirl Tail Grub 12 Pack Snot Rocket [more]

Blue Water Candy 83211 4" Swirl

4" Swirl Tail Grub 12 Pack Opening Night [more]

Blue Water Candy Swirl Tail
$4.79 - $6.09

Ribbed body & thick tail allows this bait to generate a ripple in the water. When bounced on the bottom, the curly tail provides an eye-catching flutter. When left sitting on the bottom the bait's buoyancy makes it stand vertically allowing the fluttering tail to attract all predators. [more]

DOA C.A.L. Curly Tail Grub
$4.79 - $4.89

The curl tails offer tremendous action even at the slowest retrieves. The ribbed body increases the lure's vibration. Very effective for speckled trout and red drum in cold water conditions. 3" in length. [more]

DOA C.A.L. Grub

12 Pack [more]

DOA C.A.L. Shad Tail
$4.79 - $16.49

Made of the highest quality material with laminated color backs and tails. (Measures 3 1/2") [more]

Dockside Vortex Shad

Great for catching saltwater trout and redfish, the Dockside Vortex Shad 3" V-tail Soft Baits 8-Pack feature dorsal fins that show where to place the hook and V-tails with notches to provide a swimming motion. Segmented tails provide contrast colors to trigger strikes. [more]

H&H 4" Queen Cocahoe Minnow

The Cocahoe Minnow is a must have in fishing anywhere along the gulf coast or wherever speckle trout and redfish can be found. [more]

323 Results
Per Page 30 60
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