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Shooting Sports

A-Zoom Snap Caps
$1.15 - $26.99
For safety training, function testing or safely decocking without damaging the firing pin, A-Zoom training rounds are much more than conventional snap-caps. They are precision CNC machined from solid aluminum to precise cartridge dimensions, then hard anodized for ultra-smooth functioning and long life. In addition, each round has A-Zoom's remarkably durable "Dead Cap" proven to withstand over three thousand dry fires while protecting the firing pin.
Hoppes Conversion Adapters
Conversion adapter permits interchangeability with non-standard size threads.
Hoppes Slotted Tips
Polymer slotted tips securely hold a patch for solvent or oil application.
Remington Gun Cleaning Brushes
Bronze bristles resist corrosion. Cleans without excessive abrasion.
No Image
Birchwood Casey single pack bronze brushes are tough on removing copper, carbon and lead from firearm barrels. Thread size 8-32 and come in multiple caliber size.
Daisy Precision Max Ammo
$1.49 - $9.09
Easy loading tube contains 350 BBs. 0525-0029
Otis O85® CLP
$1.79 - $9.39
O85® CLP is our most time-tested formula, with over 30 years of proven performance in cleaning, lubricating and protecting firearms. But don't let old age fool you. O85® CLP uses advanced engineering to penetrate tight spaces and create a thin film that stops rust and corrosion for long-lasting protection.
Allen Nylon Slotted Tip
Allen's Nylon Slotted Tip is a durable, breakage resistant addition to your gun cleaning arsenal. This slotted tip fits most cleaning rods, including all Allen rods, and the nylon polymer material will get the job done for a lower price than other material slotted tips.
Outers Premium Cleaning Brushes
$1.95 - $3.39
A large variety of long-lasting bore and chamber brushes which are individually constructed to perfectly fit your favorite rifle, shotgun and handgun. These premium brushes use strong and effective phosphor bronze bristles to loosen fouling without leaving a polymer residue.
No Image
$1.99 - $2.49
Solid brass construction. Optimum tight fit calibers. Fit most brands of cleaning rods. Pointed tip keeps patch centered.
No Image
Birchwood Casey Brass Slotted Tips securely holds patches without slipping off while cleaning your firearms. Cleaning power either pushing or pulling through firearm barrel. Offered in three sizes to accomodate multiple calibers. One brass slotted tip in package.
No Image
Birchwood Casey Gun Cleaning Mops are made from high quality components and are effective at applying solvents and lubricants. *Always make sure your firearm is unloaded before cleaning.
No Image
Birchwood Casey Shotgun Thread Adapter adds function and versatility to 8-32 thread cleaning rods. Adapts 8-32 thread to 5/16-27 thread. Allows greater range of accessories to fit most cleaning rods.
GunMaster Trigger Lock
$1.99 - $5.79
This is the same lock that we package in our MTL 099 and MTL 100 items, but these come in bulk. Available keyed alike. The inner carton contains 36 locks with two key numbers so you can get a minimum of 18 pieces keyed alike. Special orders for keyed alike orders are accepted.
KleenBore Phosphor Bronze Brushes
$1.99 - $3.99
Precision made for safe, effective removal of lead and powder residue. Features extra strength and cleaning power of straight (rather than crimped) wire bristles. Benchrest brushes feature a brass core and threaded coupling. Packaged in reusable plastic storage tubes.
No Image
Our durable 8mm drill attachment for our Shotgun Cleaning Kit is constructed of anti-corrosive, high-grade stainless steel and easily attaches to a drill for a high-speed cleaning of your shotgun bore.
Hoppes Gun Cleaning Patches
$2.39 - $11.99
Uniformly woven pre-cut patches. Ultra absorbent.
No Image
Birchwood Casey MSR Chamber Brushes helps remove copper, carbon and lead fouling form rifle chambers. Thread size 8-32. Bronze bristles scrub the chamber, neck and shoulder of a MSR. The steel bristles at the base scrub the star chamber of the locking lugs on a MSR.
No Image
$2.59 - $3.19
Holds patch securely for application of Breakthrough solvents and lubricants. #8/32 thread for attachment to Breakthrough Clean stainless steel rods and cables.
No Image
$2.59 - $3.19
Stiff nylon bristles easily attack heavy fouling. Rugged brass core. #8/32 thread for attachment to Breakthrough Clean stainless steel rods.
Remington Gun Oil
$2.59 - $11.99
Rem Oil displaces and repels moisture, leaving a thin, but effective barrier against rust and corrosion. Available in aerosol, spray, liquid and wipes.
KleenBore Nylon Bore Brushes
These top quality, heavy-duty, thick-bristled black nylon brushes do the job quickly and effectively.
Otis Bore Brushes
$2.69 - $94.99
Otis brushes have a proprietary Tufcor® core wire that is corrosive-resistant with a tighter twist for better bristle retention and brush life. With twice the fill of other brushes and bristles right to the end, you get superior quality and precision cleaning every time.
KleenBore Cotton Bore Mops
The natural absorbency of 100% cotton makes these mops superior for safe cleaning and lubrication. Packaged in reusable plastic storage tubes.
Champion NRA Targets
$2.89 - $89.99
The NRA seal is your guarantee that you're shooting to the same specifications used by shooters nationwide. 12 targets per pack.
GunMaster Lever Action Gun Lock
This easy to use lock slips through the lever and around the stock preventing the lever from being moved. Each ships with two keys and instructions in a plastic bag.
Hoppes Gun Cleaning Brushes
$2.89 - $3.59
Tynex® models will handle most cleaning jobs and built-in "memory" returns bristles to original shape. Tynex® allows unique scrubbing action for thorough cleaning.
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